Man stabs mother to death after butchering her cats in Fuengirola

  • A judge has said that the accused must be kept under supervision in a hospital until his mental state has stabilised

A 38-year-old Bulgarian man was arrested on Sunday afternoon in connection with the death of his mother who died as a result of 13 stab wounds. It is not yet known whether she died at the scene or was taken to hospital first.

The incident occurred around 1pm in central Fuengirola on Calle Isla Inca, according to sources close to the investigation. Following the man's arrest, National Police officers also found two dismembered cats, presumably belonging to his mother and which he killed before killing her.

Motives unclear

The motives for the crime are still not known but the alleged perpetrator suffers from a mental illness and was ordered by a judge on Wednesday to be kept in hospital under supervision until his mental state had stabilised sufficiently for him to be questioned about what happened.