PSOE calls for "immediate" works to improve footbridges over the A-7

The A-7 road
The A-7 road / SUR
  • Miguel Ángel Heredia said that there were footpaths in a "third world" state

The PSOE MP for Malaga, Miguel Ángel Heredia, has brought a proposal to parliament calling for "immediate" works to be carried out in order to improve footbridges over the A-7 dual carriageway, which runs along the Malaga coastline.

He has said that there is a particular need for improvements to be made in Marbella as well as to the bridge between Fuengirola and Mijas, which has been closed for the past two months without work having started yet.

He said that by the end of the year he hopes that all of the footbridges “will be in optimal condition and will not present a risk to pedestrians nor road users.”

The politician told Europa Press that there were footpaths in a “third world” state, mainly due to salt erosion from the nearby sea, and that it posed “a risk” to members of the public.

He said that “hundreds of people” used them every day as, in many cases, they are the only way to cross the dual carriageway.