Malaga pays tribute to its Holocaust victims

The tribute.
The tribute. / Ñito Salas
  • Government members lay wreath at remembrance sculpture

A total of 148 people from the province of Malaga lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps during the World War II. The Malaga provincial government honoured on their memory on Tuesday 8 May at the 'Sombra de Luz' remembrance monument.

Five representatives from PP, PSOE, Cuidadanos and Málaga Ahora laid a wreath adorned with roses and both the Spanish and the Malaga province flags upon the sculpture, which is located in the gardens of La Térmica.

Many of those being remembered had just finished fighting in the Spanish civil war before they were required to leave their country and immerse themselves in a grave worldwide conflict.

A statement highlighted that Tuesday was “a day to remember and to reconcile”.