LGBT community of Torremolinos unite against homophobia

Uniting against homophobia in light of recent assault.
Uniting against homophobia in light of recent assault. / T.B.
  • The protest was held to show solidarity to a transsexual couple who were assaulted in an unprovoked attack in Torremolinos last week

Members of the LGBT community of Torremolinos came together in Plaza La Nogalera last week in a demonstration to show their outrage over the recent attack on a transsexual couple in Torremolinos. The protest was organised by the LGBT association Colega-Torremolinos and was attended by the councillor for equality, Aida Blanes, who said, “We will stand together to fight homophobia at all levels”.

More than 50 people joined the protest, chanting 'no a la transphobia' to highlight the attack of Alex and Tara, a young transsexual couple who, as stated in the complaint filed with the police, were punched and kicked by a neighbour.

The accused is said to have attacked Alex as he waited for the elevator, and his partner, who was alerted by his screams, was also assaulted when she tried to intervene.

The couple said they have suffered continual homophobic abuse from the neighbour, who, they claim, called them “poofters and pigs” simply because of their sexual orientation.

President of Colega-Torremolinos, Santiago Rubio, said, “Alex and Tara are in a state of stress and shock. It is terrible that we continue to witness acts as reprehensible as these events, because we live in a very diverse town that is usually tolerant towards the LGBT community.”