'Kidnapped' and 'tortured' couple abandoned in a ditch off the A-7

The approach road to the A-7, near the hospital.
The approach road to the A-7, near the hospital. / Josele-Lanza
  • The man died from his injuries while the woman escaped with head trauma and bruising

Police investigations are ongoing into the chain of events which led to the body of a man and a badly-injured woman being thrown from a vehicle into a roadside ditch close to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella late on Monday afternoon.

The alarm was raised by the woman who tried to flag down cars on the approach road to the A-7 heading in the Marbella direction. One driver, who saw the woman soaked in blood, contacted his friend, an off-duty police officer, who alerted the emergency services.

On arrival at the scene, ambulance staff could do nothing to save the life of the man, a 52-year-old Croatian, who presented signs of torture and was found with his legs bound together.

His wife, a younger Colombian woman, was taken to hospital and was treated for her injuries.

According to sources close to the investigation, in the account given by the woman, the couple had been kidnapped the day before and that both she and her husband had been tortured. Her husband died from the beatings he sustained while she, on admittance to hospital, was found to have had head trauma and severe bruising. She has since been discharged.