New home for abandoned Elena Laverón sculpture

Laverón sculpture is given a new home in Benalmádena.
Laverón sculpture is given a new home in Benalmádena. / SUR
  • The work of art has been installed in Benalmádena's Parque de los Limones

Benalmádena town hall has announced that one of its most popular sculptures, 'Couple Sunbathing', by Elena Laverón, has been renovated and installed in the Parque de los Limones.

The limestone sculpture, carved by the Malaga artist in 1972, was originally situated in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, but had been removed a few years previous for restoration work.

The inauguration was attended by the sculptor, and Victor Navas, the Mayor of Benalmádena, who said that the statue had remained “forgotten and abandoned” in a workshop due to the “neglect” of the former council.

He went on to say that the town hall decided to reinstall the sculpture as part of its efforts to recover the historical cultural heritage of Benalmádena. Elena Laverón said she was “very pleased” with the council's decision to relocate the sculpture in the park, while the mayor pointed out the importance of making it available for residents and locals to admire once again.

“The recovery of this sculpture gives us great satisfaction to have it on display again in our town after such a long absence.” The relocation of the sculpture is part of the town hall's initiative to redevelop the Parque de los Limones, which will include the renovation of the old fountain and the water mill.