Controversial refurbishment of Coín's main street winning over doubters

The opening of the newly-redeveloped Calle La Feria.
The opening of the newly-redeveloped Calle La Feria. / SUR
  • A stretch is still to be renovated but those who initially criticised the project have not yet complained

Traditional trade is one of Coín's hottest topics. The municipality has managed to recover from the economic crisis by relying on other sectors such as agriculture, with an emphasis on ecology. However, the shops and small businesses of the centre are still trying to recover. This is what local entrepreneurs themselves see and what the council has recently become aware of.

Therefore, in addition to providing money to help revitalise several establishments, the local government decided to undertake a comprehensive renovation of Calle La Feria, the main artery of the town, by making it a one-way street and giving priority to pedestrians.

The council's decision was not well received by many local business owners, who created a platform in opposition to the measure which gained 5,000 signatures from those who were worried that the new one-way design would damage their trade model.

They presented an alternative proposal that was rejected by the council for violating the traffic code, which then carried out its own plan.

Although the Young Businessowners and Professionals Association of Coín initially opposed the changes, they now see things from a new perspective, and hope that the measures will increase local trade.

However, according to the mayor, Fernando Fernández, “Comments have been very positive; now there is a lot less traffic and locals are appreciating the tranquility.”