Moroccan man arrested in Malaga for financing terrorism

The suspect was detained on Monday.
The suspect was detained on Monday. / Salvador Salas
  • The suspect, who owns a greengrocers near the city centre, is accused of sending money to his wife, one of Daesh's most dangerous terrorists

A 35-year-old Moroccan man who is legally resident in Spain was arrested on Monday for allegedly financing terrorism. The man, who has been named as 'Fouad L.', ran the Súper Verde greengrocers in Calle Eugenio Gross, and was known to his customers as either 'Mohamed' or 'Juan'. The police say he sent money to his wife, 'Fadoua H', also aged 35, who is now one of the most-wanted terrorists in Europe, so that she could travel to Syria and join the Daesh terrorist organisation.

In February 2016 Fadoua left Spain on a flight to Greece, and interrupted her journey in Turkey. Between then and June that year, she received monthly money transfers of more than 700 euros from her husband to fund her stay, accompanied by a 25-year-old Palestinian who is believed to be an intermediary for Daesh.

The authorities say that between 2015 and 2016 Fadoua sent money to the family of this jihadist and financed his movements across Europe. As she had no money of her own, this money is thought to have come from her husband.

Fadoua returned briefly to Malaga, but in July 2016 she and her Palestianian companion travelled overland to Syria, still funded by Fouad. Once there, she went into combat and is now known as one of the group's most dangerous terrorists.

People in Malaga who knew Fouad L. are shocked to find that he had terrorist links. “He was always so kind. He used to carry elderly people's shopping for them,” said one woman on Monday. “Nobody here suspected anything.”