Great unity among the United Nationalities of Marbella

Velvet restaurant hosted the third edition of United Nationalities of Marbella.
Velvet restaurant hosted the third edition of United Nationalities of Marbella. / Gabriela Berner
  • Popular English-language media presenter in Marbella, Nicole King, invited international expats to discuss resolving issues together

She runs a radio show named 'Mi Marbella' and the TV show 'Marbella now' on RTVE Marbella, she talks about laws, local news, events, culture, agendas and more. Nicole King has met many interesting interviewees from all parts of the world as her main concern is to encourage people living in Marbella to get more involved with other nationalities.

Her programmes serve as a networking media hub between the town hall and the people of Marbella that is home to 139 nations.

Last Tuesday, Nicole organised the third United Nationalities of Marbella Summit which had among its objectives to “establish a grapevine network to connect our multinational community along our 27km coastline and to support and help promote year-round business and encourage local customer loyalty”, she stressed.

The invitation was accepted by around 80 people, including British Consul in Málaga, Charmaine Arbouin, and head of Marbella Foreign Residents' Department, Oti García. There were representatives of several associations and business clubs such as Costa Women, Russian Luks, Dutch Ellas, just to name a few.

There was also a wide range of charities: Rotary, Lions, Concordia, Debra, Mundo Infantil, Age Concern, Triple A and more. All these were ready to be part of the new communication network as they want to raise their profile, attract volunteers and make new contacts in order to provide more help to the vulnerable members of the community.

Many good ideas and projects were launched during the event and updates will be given on 'Mi Marbella' on 107.6 FM.