Search on for British man who left seriously injured passenger behind after car accident

Firefighters free the injured man from the wreckage of the car after it fell from a height of 30 metres.
Firefighters free the injured man from the wreckage of the car after it fell from a height of 30 metres. / SUR
  • The victim, from Riogordo, fell down a 30-metre-high embankment and was not found until five hours later

The Guardia Civil are searching for a British national who apparently abandoned his seriously injured passenger after a traffic accident early on Sunday morning. The car they were travelling in left the A-45 and plummeted 30 metres down an embankment, landing near the Guadalmedina river. The British man could be charged with failure to render aid.

The victim, a 42-year-old from Riogordo, was not located until five hours after the accident thanks to a local who called 112. His companion, who only suffered minor injuries, managed to get to a hostel in Casabermeja and call an ambulance, which took him to Carlos Haya Hospital, but at no point did he mention that another person was still trapped in the vehicle. The car had been rented by a third man, also British, also resident in Riogordo.

The accident took place at around 2 o'clock on Sunday morning at the 131.5 kilometre point of the Las Pedrizas road (A-45), about three kilometres past Venta Cotrina on the Antequera-bound carriageway. According to sources from the investigation, the two men were returning to the Axarquía area after a night out in Fuengirola.

The initial hypothesis is that the British man was the driver and managed to jump free before the car fell down the bank. He did not appear to have sustained anything more than mild bruising.

Critical state

The emergency services did not receive the call about the second injured man until 8.15am. Firefighters from the city of Malaga and from Colmenar were deployed to the site of the accident and freed the man from the wreckage.

Service members from 061 managed to stabilise his condition before rushing him by ambulance to Carlos Haya hospital with head injuries and internal haemorrhages. The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit and his condition was described as very serious.

The rescue takes place

The rescue takes place / SUR

The alleged driver of the vehicle was discharged from the hospital after spending a few hours under observation. SUR has confirmed that this was the same man who called an ambulance from the hostel in Casabermeja.

Upon finding that the two cases were related, Guardia Civil agents appeared at the hospital that morning to interview the man, but he had already been discharged. He had only given the hospital one name.

Detectives initially focused their investigation on the 60-year-old man who had rented the car involved.