Andalusian Supreme Court rules in favour of 'Las Kellys'

Trinidad Jiménez, president of Kellys Unión, Malaga.
Trinidad Jiménez, president of Kellys Unión, Malaga. / F. SILVA
  • The ruling means that cleaners and other external staff must receive the same employment rights as all workers in the hotel sector

The Andalusian Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the so-called 'Las Kellys' (a collective made up of hotel cleaning staff), obliging the hotel sector to apply the 'convenio' (collective workers' agreement) for the hotel sector to staff carrying out services in hotels.

It ruled: “The tasks carried out by cleaners, waiting staff, cooks and reception staff, regardless of the company which provides the service, should have the conditions of the current [hotel industry] 'convenio' applied.” This would therefore entitle workers to basic employment rights.

According to the CC OO trade union which published the results of this Supreme Court ruling, this affects 550 workers and 44 hotels in Malaga province which have now been reported to the employment inspectorate.