Starlite to start recruitment next week for 400 jobs at this summer's festival

Last year's Starlite festival.
Last year's Starlite festival. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • The festival will run between 11 July and 25 August in the Naguëles quarry

Starlite will begin its recruitment process for this year's festival next week. The interview process will take place between Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 April, dispelling the doubts that had surrounded the festival's return after the problems encountered over opening hours and council fees last year.

Although an agreement still hasn't been officially reached and the word Marbella has been removed from the official branding, the start of the selection process should be taken as confirmation that the festival will go ahead.

In total, Starlite has to recruit 400 people for the 45 days that the festival will run, between 11 July and 25 August, including waiters, hosts, bar staff, attendants and logistics staff.

The first round of interviews begins on Tuesday 24 June at 10am in the Palacio de Congresos in Marbella. Those looking to register can do so on the website

Marbella council is working to finalise legislation that will regulate the use of the Nagüeles quarry as an events venue which can speed up processes and allow for other events to take place there at other times of the year.

Municipal sources have said that they have begun proceedings early to avoid a situation like last year, when the use of the quarry was approved just two days before the festival's events began.

Starlite's promotion agency has so far confirmed 29 different acts, but they say that the programme has not yet been finalised.