Poor state of former McDonalds in Fuengirola raises concerns

Locals complain about grafitti and smell of urine at the empty unit.
Locals complain about grafitti and smell of urine at the empty unit. / Ivan Gelibter
  • The building on the edge of the port has been the subject of plans to renovate it since the food chain vacated some ten years ago

Residents and business owners are pleading with the council to do something with a large abandoned restaurant unit on the seafront in the heart of Fuengirola.

Up until ten years ago, the property was home to a local branch of McDonalds but since then has had no new tenant, meaning it has gradually fallen into a state of disrepair. Business owners say it is having a negative effect on their own premises, citing the widespread graffiti and smell of urine as passersby coming from the beach or the bars in the neighbouring port area often use it as a toilet.

“All the local authorities, from the town hall to the Junta, have ignored this site for years,” said one local restaurant owner.

The spokesperson for the Ciudadanos party in Fuengirola has called on the mayor, Ana Mula, to do more. Javier Toro is to ask a council meeting to vote on a proposal that the site be taken over for public use.

Back in 2012 it seemed likely that an environmental educational group, Aula del Mar, would use it but the scheme wasn't carried out.

The council says it has been working on a plan for the site for a year and that it regularly cleans the surrounding area. As the building is on a beachside plot it is subject to the same extra restrictions as chiringuitos.