Brave guards foil Alhaurín de la Torre prison break in the nick of time

Guardia Civil on duty outside the jail near Malaga (file photo).
Guardia Civil on duty outside the jail near Malaga (file photo). / SUR
  • Window bars were sawn and sheets knotted together inside the cell in which the inmates, both 22, were caught

Just like something out of a film, guards at Malaga's main prison complex, outside Alhaurín de la Torre, managed to foil an escape plot just in time on Wednesday night.

Prison officers were shocked to walk in on two inmates who had carefully prepared a breakout, sawing through the bars to their cell and storing knotted sheets all ready to go.

According to prison trade union representatives, on Wednesday night officers became suspicious that all was not well with the two prisoners inside cell 17 and that they could be planning something unexpected. Without further investigation, the two men were moved to other cells and searched by the guards on duty.

Returning to search cell 17, guards discovered the meticulous preparations; a broken bar on the window was found and the prisoners had carefully knotted their bed sheets together, securing them onto items in the room.

Sources say the two inmates are both aged 22 and repeat offenders; one is a Libyan national currently in jail for causing bodily harm and the other is a Spanish national and inside for violent robbery.

The plan appears to have been to escape from the first floor cell into the interior yard below. However sources said that the wall around the interior yard to the outside is three metres high and has barbed wire which is alarmed at the top to alert Guardia Civil, so the next stage of their plan would have been especially difficult.

Union representatives praised the guards' actions, claiming that Alhaurín de la Torre jail is very short staffed and that officers have to put up with very abusive behaviour.