Fuengirola council rejects official status proposal for 'Fish Alley'

Ciudadanos took the idea to local businesses last month.
Ciudadanos took the idea to local businesses last month. / SUR
  • The ruling PP local government has said that recognition of the iconic street would discriminate against other areas

Fuengirola town hall has rejected a proposal by Ciudadanos (Cs) for official recognition to be given to Calle Moncayo, an area known by locals and tourists as Fish Alley in English and Calle del Hambre in Spanish. Ciudadanos had suggested that the street, a popular landmark destination for over 45 years, should receive recognition and be indicated on local maps for it to be more accessible to visitors.

Javier Toro, councillor for Ciudadanos, who claimed that the Partido Popular (PP) has chosen to ignore this popular tourist attraction, defined the decision as “ridiculous”.

A spokesman for PP had claimed that the proposal would discriminate other areas , but councillor Toro hit back saying that they were not discriminating against any other area or sector, but instead intended to “give value to Fuengirola”.

“The intention behind the proposal was to grant a distinguishing element to an emblematic area of our town so that tourists can readily find it,” Toro declared.

The councillor went on to highlight several other proposals, including a motion to reduce terrace taxes and to extend the opening hours of the town hall offices, all of which were refused by the PP.

“It is a real shame our proposals always seem to run into brick walls put up by the local PP government just because the proposals put forward come from another political party, regardless of the benefits they have for the town,” Toro said.