Estepona beach club burned down in brutal attack by three hooded men

The condition of the structure after Sunday's fire.
The condition of the structure after Sunday's fire. / CHARO MÁRQUEZ
  • The police are searching for the attackers who, armed with a pistol, tied up the guard before setting fire to Heaven Beach Club

The National Police are investigating an arson attack at a beach bar in Estepona. Three hooded men entered the bar, beat and tied up one of the guards and set fire to the premises.

The events took place at 3am on Sunday morning at Heaven Beach Club, which is located on Guadalmansa beach at the mouth of the river with the same name.

In the beach bar, which was closed to the public at the time, two members of security staff were working. One of them heard a noise and when he went to take a look he was surprised by three men dressed in black and wearing ski masks. One of them was carrying a pistol.

The attackers tied his hands together with a rope before beating him several times, according to the police. They also stole his mobile phone and some of his other personal possessions.

His colleague, who had not yet been discovered, managed to escape and ran to the nearest house, asking them to call the police.

By the time the police arrived, the men had already set fire to the structure after pouring flammable liquid on a mattress found in the kitchen.

Before making their escape, however, they carried the guard, at this point with serious injuries, 500 metres away from the site so that he was not killed in the blaze.

The police investigations are ongoing as they continue to search for the men and determine possible motives for the attack.