Cudeca announces revenue of almost four million euros during its 25th anniversary year

Cudeca awarded its Golden Pin to the Clinica Buchinger Wilhelmi during Thursday's event.
Cudeca awarded its Golden Pin to the Clinica Buchinger Wilhelmi during Thursday's event. / T. BRYANT
  • The cancer charity also announced the building of a new research and training centre in 2018

During the annual results presentation held in Benalmádena yesterday, Cudeca announced that it had ended 2017 in the black for the fifth consecutive year.

Attending the presentation was founder, Joan Hunt; Vice-president, Susan Hannam; Financial Director, Rafael Olalla and Dr Marisa Martin.

During 2017 - Cudeca's twenty-fifth anniversary year - the charity raised over 3,963,000 euros, the biggest percentage of which (1,424,000), was revenue from its 20 charity shops. A total of 189 charity events were staged throughout the year, accumulating more than 400,000 euros, which was 15 per cent higher than the previous year.

Rafael Olalla said that 2017 had been a “good year” for Cudeca, highlighting the excellent work of all 909 volunteers, especially the collection tin army, who amassed more than 60,000 euros over the year. The rest of the funds came from donations, wills, banks and a “lucrative contact with the Junta de Andalucía”.

The financial director also pointed out that there had been a significant rise in expenditure, due mainly to the noted increase in patient demand. The total expenditure for the year was 3, 916, 000, leaving a surplus of around 47,000 euros.

Marisa Martín explained that the number of patients served has continued to grow: in 2017, Cudeca served 1,064 new patients, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2016. She pointed out that in the last five years the total number of patients has doubled. This, she said, “was a very important challenge, perhaps the greatest of all”, since it has had to increase the number of home-based care teams to seven to respond to this demand.

Marisa, who has been with Cudeca since the beginning, also said that 2018 would see the building of the new Yusuf Hamied Training Centre: “Thanks to Dr Hamied, who has been a sponsor of Cudeca for many years, this will now become a reality.”

The event also included the presentation of Cudeca's Golden Pin Award, given this year to Clinica Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella.