IRA man wanted for murder arrested in Fuengirola


/ R.C.

  • A European arrest warrant had been issued for Dean Evans, 28, who was wanted for a murder in Ireland in 2013 as well as for being involved in another similar crime

Spanish and Irish police officers in Fuengirola have arrested Dean Evans, 28, a member of the IRA terror group who is accused of a murder committed in the Irish town of Gormanston in 2013, as well as taking part in at least one other similar crime.

The arrest was carried out by the Costa del Sol's drugs and organised crime squad, UDYCO, with members of the Spanish Police's fugitive localisation team and officers from the Irish Garda.

Evans had been charged, along with two others for the murder of Peter Butterly, who was shot dead in a car park on 6 March 2013.

Days before the start of the trial in January last year, Evans disappeared along with his partner. The other two men received life sentences.

A Euro arrest warrant (OEDE) had been issued in March 2017 in connection with the Gormanston killing; this followed a first order issued previously in connection with another killing.

Spain's Interior minister announced the arrest on Friday morning on his Twitter account.