Dane accused of killing partner says they practised erotic asphyxiation

The defendant appeared in court on Monday.
The defendant appeared in court on Monday. / FRANCIS SILVA
  • The defendant, who denied killing his girlfriend in 2015, has been accused by the prosecution of changing his story

The trial of a 53-year-old Danish man accused of strangling his partner in a hotel room in Torre del Mar in June 2015 with a charger cable, began before a jury in a Malaga court this week.

The defendant, who only answered questions from his defence lawyer, said that he had asphyxiated the 40-year-old victim as part of sexual relations but that he did not kill the woman.

The man said that the couple had been in a normal relationship and that on the night of his partner's death they had taken drugs, including cocaine, as well as consuming alcohol. He said that although they had argued in a bar earlier that night, they had returned to their hotel in the town, had made up and were engaging in sadomasochistic sex games involving asphyxiation which he said they had started practising in recent years “to keep the spark alive” in their relationship. He also pointed out that his partner was taking various types of medication and that, although she suffered from asthma, she continued to smoke. He said he didn't realise she wasn't breathing until the next morning.

Public prosecutor Flor de Torres, who deals with cases of domestic violence, said that the man had given different versions of the events of 20 June 2015 and had failed to call an ambulance until the morning as he was taking his time to manipulate the crime scene and clean blood from the body.

The man is accused of homicide for which prosecutors have asked the judge to sentence him to 15 years in prison and to pay 200,000 euros in compensation to the victim's father. A sentence has not yet been delivered.