CYD Santa Maria horse sanctuary asks for help following heavy rain

The horses are suffering in the mud and wet.
The horses are suffering in the mud and wet. / SUR
  • The flooded ground has made caring for the horses more difficult and vet bills now exceed 3,000 euros monthly

The CYD Santa Maria horse sanctuary is in difficulty. The recent rain, which has been beneficial for the countryside and agriculture of the province, has not proven as useful for this rural sanctuary in Alhaurín El Grande. The ground has become very muddy and it will take weeks to return to its previous state.

The horses, the majority of which are old or unwell, are suffering from the damp and the lack of spaces to sleep or rest. The seriousness of the situation has caused owner Virginia Solera to ask for help and donations from the general public, however small they may be. “The animals that we treat require a large commitment due to the difficulty of transporting them, cleaning them and feeding them,” she said.

The rain has been falling “with no sign of stopping” over the past few weeks. “To recover we need more time for the ground to dry out; it’s an absolute mire”.

The centre is unable to lay a concrete floor as they are concerned for the welfare of the horses, so instead are hoping to purchase between sixty and seventy lorries loads of gravel.