Junta says there won't be a drought order until autumn at least

La Viñuela reservoir in the Axarquía last week.
La Viñuela reservoir in the Axarquía last week. / AGUSTÍN PELÁEZ
  • Reservoir levels across Andalucía have risen sufficiently thanks to the recent rainfall although La Viñuela and Almeria's El Levante remain low

The Junta de Andalucía has announced that it was suspending any declaration of drought across Andalucía following this month's continuing substantial rainfall.

Speaking after a meeting which took place on Tuesday morning, regional Environment minister, José Fiscal, confirmed that there had been a “notable improvement” in three of the region's reservoirs and that there would be no restrictions to usage for either domestic or agricultural purposes at least until autumn. Some 584 cubic hectometres of water have been recorded among the three reservoirs since the rain began.

Fiscal pointed out that two exceptions were La Viñuela in the Axarquía and El Levante in Almeria province, both of which are still suffering from a “serious shortage” despite the weather. Almeria in particular has not received as much rain as other parts of Andalucía.

Ongoing restrictions

In the Axarquía, the restrictions placed on the agriculture industry, including subtropical fruit growers last December, remain in place for the rest of this hydraulic year. However Fiscal gave assurances that there would be enough water for two years of domestic use as long as the situation “does not get worse”.

La Concepción reservoir in Sierra de las Nieves near Marbella stands at 89 per cent full, while the Limonero reservoir north of Malaga city is at 50.29 per cent capacity and with enough water for two years.

The Campo de Gibraltar reservoircurrently has 41.6 cubic hectometres with enough water to supply the area for two years, while La Viñuela has risen from 35.5 to 54.7 cubic hecometres.

Meanwhile major infrastructural works to guarantee the area's long term water supply remain on hold. These include a new channel to take water from the Iznájar reservoir to the north of Malaga province and plans to triple the size of La Concepción and build infrastructure to carry water from this area to Malaga and the Axarquía when needed