Twelve F-18 fighter jets fly over Malaga in an Air Force exercise

F-18 fighter jets at Malaga Air Base yesterday.
F-18 fighter jets at Malaga Air Base yesterday. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The Dapex exercise is centred around the capital’s air base and will take place today and tomorrow

The pilots of the twelve F-18 fighters that took off from Malaga Air Base today took on the role of “potential enemies” in the Dapex 18 exercise which will take place in the Gulf of Cádiz until tomorrow.

The purpose was to test the readiness of the defensive capabilities of the Spanish air force in case of an attack.

The pilots are simulating attacking aircraft entering Spanish air space or approaching a Spanish military vessel without identifying themselves, and Eurofighter aircraft from bases in Morón, Albacete, Huleva, Rota and the ship itself have to scramble to intercept them before they can engage in a simulated attack. The defending forces consist of twelve Eurofighter jets, a C-295 transport aircraft, a Super Puma helicporter, a F-104 frigate 'Méndez Nuñez' and three anti-aircraft units.