Mijas has finished audits of local estates so they can be adopted

Riviera del Sol is one of the areas on Mijas Costa that will benefit.
Riviera del Sol is one of the areas on Mijas Costa that will benefit. / IVÁN GELIBTER.
  • The mayor wants some 200 independent 'urbanizaciones' to receive council services but some will not get them initially as the original planned infrastructure isn't finished

The complex plan to incorporate some 200 independent housing estates and residential complexes into the street services provided by Mijas council reaches one if its critical points this month. According to sources, Mijas town hall has finished the audit of each 'urbanización' that will be used to evaluate the state of each one before assuming the supply of services such as road maintenance and street cleaning. Using council rather than private services normally reduces costs for residents.

The council has said that they will only be able to adopt those that are in “a perfect condition”, where the estates are actually finished or in a good state. Some estates, especially the older ones, can't be taken on immediately either because the road infrastructure was never originally finished properly or the paperwork is not complete. The recent audit will allow the council to calculate how much it will cost to run each estate and how much it will cost to put right the problematic ones.

Some estates that aren't fit to be adopted yet have the option to claim from the original developer's funds, but where those rights have expired, the residents can pay for the work themselves, start legal action against the developer or give in the right for the council to take over services.

The adoption of the 'urbanizaciones' is the star policy of mayor José Carlos Maldonado and, because of the cost, it needs to be spread out over several years.

While the audit has been going on, the council has moved ahead with the asphalting of some of the roads on the estates to be taken over, some of which haven't been touched for thirty years. The council was able to secure legal guarantees over what it was doing ahead of the incorporation and many residential areas have been contacting it asking for the work to be carried out.