Provincial authority grants Bernardo de Gálvez posthumous honour

PSOE representatives at Macharaviaya's museum last week.
PSOE representatives at Macharaviaya's museum last week. / A. P.
  • It is hoped that the idea of making the Macharaviaya-born military leader a 'favourite son' would attract tourists to the area

A proposal put forward by the PSOE to make Bernardo de Gálvez a 'hijo predilecto', or 'favourite son' of the province was approved by the Diputación provincial authority on Tuesday. The idea is similar to giving an important figure the keys to a city in the UK.

The proposal was made during a visit by Socialist representatives to Macharaviaya last week, which is where de Gálvez was born in 1746. He was a military leader who fought against the British during the American War of Independence and played a key role in the Battle of Pensacola, Florida.

Mayor of Macharaviaya, Antonio Campos, said, “The figure of Bernardo de Gálvez is more alive than ever; he is recognised as an honorary citizen in the USA and in March 2018 a statue of him will be unveiled in Pensacola.”

The group hopes that giving de Gálvez the title would put the Axarquía area on the tourist map.