The Pompidou and Malaga city hall formalise new agreement

The Pompidou Centre's president Serge Lasvinges with Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre.
The Pompidou Centre's president Serge Lasvinges with Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The council and the French museum have signed a deal to extend the current arrangement by a further five years

There are several crucial milestones in the development of any project, and for the Centre Pompidou in Malaga one was reached this week; the famous French museum will retain its presence in the city for a further five years after an agreement to prolong the existing deal until the end of 2025 was formalised.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday by the president of the Paris-based Centre Pompidou, Serge Lasvignes, and the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre. “The words of his majesty the king touched me deeply,” Lasvignes said in a speech, referring to King Felipe's praise for the collection's presence in Malaga on an official visit earlier this month.

He president continued: “With the agreement signed today, we can work towards improving and better understanding the cultural scene of Malaga, and at the same time better work with other museums to create a circle, a shared channel of communication.”

The new, extended agreement replicated the conditions of the first. Malaga council will pay the Pompidou 2.07 million euros per year, one million for the use of its collections and brand, and the rest for insurance, transportation and specialist consultation.

Lasvignes also spoke of the need to cater to two different demographics. The Centre Pompidou estimates that 60 per cent of its visitors are Spanish, with the other 40 per cent foreign tourists. “We'd also like to diversify the artwork that we show to better include the many artists operating in and around Malaga,” he said.

The museum, which welcomed 168,143 visitors in 2017, is hoping to reach its target of 250,000 visitors this year.