María Adela, a widow before she was 40, had lost her son to illness two months ago

María Adela in a Facebook image.
María Adela in a Facebook image. / SUR
  • Her friends and neighbours said that she was happy in her new relationship although they had warned her not to trust José Manuel

María Adela's death follows a life marked by tragedy. She has been described as a simple and trusting woman whose life revolved around her family and who “got on well with everyone”.

Not originally from La Viñuela, she had moved to Los Romanes when she married her husband, a local man. He died suddenly four years ago due to heart failure. She was widowed before she was 40 and sought refuge in her two sons.

The older boy left home to live with his girlfriend in Torre del Mar, but the younger boy, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, died just two months ago.

“This family has suffered a lot,” said the mayor of La Viñuela, José Juan Jiménez on Tuesday.

Several months ago her friends noticed that María Adela had started to lose weight and was having cosmetic dental treatment. She had met a man online and he had given her new life. She told everyone about him, how he had told her he was a police officer - a lie - and how they chatting on WhatsApp and exchanged photos before meeting. “Everyone told her not to trust him,” said Susana, who owns a local shop. “Nobody saw him because he hardly ever came during the day.”

Neither did her older son or her parents-in-law approve of the relationship. “But she said that she was an adult and that she wasn't going to shut herself away at home,” said her neighbours.