Díaz calls for more La Línea police as hooded drug-gang members intimidate a judge

  • 164 National Police officers and 151 Guardia Civil posts have been lost in Cadiz province in recent years

The regional president of Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has called on central government to provide police reinforcements in the town of La Línea and the area next to Gibraltar. The plea came on meeting last week with local mayor, José Juan Franco, and after more attacks and intimidation by members of gangs trafficking drugs from north Africa came to light.

Following the freeing of a wounded prisoner from La Línea hospital by 20 hooded people on 6 February, it was reported that hooded members of the same gang had surrounded and threatened a judge when she was leaving the town's court building. The group of around 40 followed her to the car park.

On meeting the mayor, Díaz said that 164 National Police officers and 151 Guardia Civil posts had been lost in Cadiz province, where La Línea is located, in the last few years. The provincial conservative PP party criticised Díaz's visit, saying she had come with “empty hands” to solve local problems leading to drug crime.