More stretches of new coastal pathway to get under way

Building work starts alongside the Las Dunas hotel, Estepona.
Building work starts alongside the Las Dunas hotel, Estepona. / Charo Márquez
  • In Estepona work has begun on a key section at Las Dunas hotel, while Marbella council has started a public consultation on a part passing through its area

Work has started in Estepona on a 130-metre stretch of seaside pathway by the Las Dunas hotel which is key to linking up existing sections of path in the municipality at Hacienda Beach and Cabo Bermejo. Once this short length is finished it will join up the other two sections to create almost three kilometres of new coastal walkway east of Estepona town. The path is part of the ambitious plan to have a coastal walkway the length of the entire Costa del Sol. Eventually all 22 kilometres of shoreline in Estepona will have a footpath.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Marbella, to the east, the local town hall has reactivated its plans to build the stretches of path that will run along its coastline and connect into the main Costa project. There are still 12.5 kilometres to be laid out in Marbella and few new stretches have been put in in the last three years.

Marbella council has announced that a public consultation has started on the stretch that will connect El Pinillo beach with the Río Real area, east of the town centre. The PP-led council blames the previous three-party coalition under the PSOE party for the failure to advance plans for the path since 2015.