Improvement plan launched for La Paloma park after complaints

The park will have a new area for its growing hen population. :: A. G.
The park will have a new area for its growing hen population. :: A. G.
  • The town hall will invest 150,000 euros to improve one of Benalmádena's most popular spots

La Paloma park, one of Benalmádena's largest green areas, is to undergo a facelift in the coming months after continued complaints from residents led the town hall to take action.

The council has approved a 155,000-euro plan to improve the park which receives thousands of visitors every day.

The investment will pay for existing structures in a state of disrepair to be replaced; the installation of more benches, wastebins, kerbs and a new watering system for the cacti; updating measures to protect against legionella; and the acquisition of new types of plants and trees, including bamboos, succulents and palm trees.

Furthermore, new informative plaques will be installed on sculptures and in areas of interest, while the growing hen population will see the creation of a specially-adapted area for them.

The town hall has also decided to replace the play park, which didn't meet safety regulations, as well as increase security at the weekends.

An increasing number of complaints from residents have been directed at the town hall in recent months, complaining that the park, ranked in the top 25 in the world in 2014 according to TripAdvisor, was creating a bad image for the town. They complained that cuts to public spending on cleaning and maintenance of green areas has caused a deterioration in the area.

The response has been this year to increase spending in these areas by 360,000 euros, with the opposition PP and Vecinos por Benalmádena also applying political pressure.