Andalusian high court rules that Torreblanca owners should not pay for works

Some Torreblanca owners have won their battle against charges.
Some Torreblanca owners have won their battle against charges. / I. G.
  • The TSJA has annulled an agreement that obliged residents in part of the area to pay for infrastructure improvements

The Andalusian high court, TSJA, has annulled an infrastructure plan involving part of the Torreblanca area of Fuengirola, in a response to an appeal filed by home owners in a case that dates back to 2011.

The ruling, published last Friday, means that home owners in Lomas de Torreblanca (API-02) do not have to pay for the infrastructure improvements included in a special 'PEDI' plan, which was agreed with the Junta's planning commission and the town hall to allow the approval of a modification of the town's PGOU.

The town hall has said that it was expecting this outcome of the case and that it shared the demands of the owners who appealed.

According to official sources the town hall had already, in March 2014, agreed on a rectification of the part of the PEDI that affected the contributions from property owners. The sources went on to say that the town hall had called for the suspension of the case as the error had been rectified.

Almost a year ago, another group of Torreblanca residents (sector PMI-2) were relieved when the town hall temporarily suspended the charges it was going to make for road and utility improvements. These charges amounted to an average of 6,000 euros per household, depending on the property values.