Mijas council passes 2018 budget at last

Mijas councillors meeting in the council chamber on Monday.
Mijas councillors meeting in the council chamber on Monday. / IVÁN GELIBTER
  • Spending plans were agreed with the help of one opposition councillor's abstention, but the plan 'to improve' IBI tax collection was voted down

Mijas council approved its 2018 budget at last on Monday against the odds.

The town hall, which is run by a minority coalition of Ciudadanos and Socialist councillors, was facing a difficult challenge ahead of the council session as the opposition parties, Partido Popular and CSSP-Podemos, had said they wouldn't support the plans.

In the end, one councillor, a Podemos member but non-aligned in the chamber, changed her negative vote to an abstention in return for a verbal promise on additional spending, and so the budget went through.

It was seen as a surprise success for Juan Carlos Maldonado, who holds the mayoralty with just five Ciudadanos councillors. Mijas is the largest municipality in Spain with a Ciudadanos mayor.

There was less success for the motion to move IBI local tax collection to the centralised department run by the Diputación provincial authority in order to improve efficiency. This move was voted down.