Malaya 'mastermind' granted day release from prison to work with charity

Malaya 'mastermind' granted day release from prison to work with charity
  • Juan Antonio Roca has been continuously behind bars since 2008

Juan Antonio Roca, the mastermind of the Malaya urban planning corruption ring in Marbella, is to be allowed to leave prison during the day to work for a charity after more than a decade behind bars.

The privilege was granted by the penitentiary surveillance judge, José Luis Castro, against the criteria of the prison authorities.

Castro cited a number of reasons for his decision: Roca will soon have served two thirds of his sentence, his conduct in jail has been “excellent”, he has assumed responsibility for the crimes committed and has shown regret in public.

Roca has offered to work as a volunteer with the NGO Cáritas Málaga's Nuestra Señora de la Merced centre that works towards the reintegration of prisoners.

Roca has been convicted of corruption-related crimes in several cases, Saqueo I and II, Minutas, Belmonsa, Urquia and Malaya. He was first arrested and jailed in 2006 and has been behind bars without a break since 2008. He still has more than 100 cases waiting to go to court, however his sentence would not exceed 20 years.