Malaga's exports beat the two-billion-euro mark in one year for the first time

Ruiz Espejo offered the figures at the GE XXI headquarters.
Ruiz Espejo offered the figures at the GE XXI headquarters. / SUR
  • Agricultural produce, electrical equipment and textiles are the goods most exported from the province where overseas trade has grown 52% in a decade

The 'Made in Malaga' label is gaining strength as the province beat the two-billion-euro mark in exports last year.

Between January and November 2017, Malaga sent products to the value of 2.05 billion euros out of the country, 216.8 million more than in the same period of 2016.

This record figure was announced at the end of last week by the Junta de Andalucía's delegrate for Malaga province, José Luis Ruiz Espejo, during a visit to the firm General Elevadores GE XXI, in the Andalusian Technology Park.

Ruiz Espejo also said that the province's exports had grown by 52% in the last decade. The number of firms based in Malaga that regularly export their products overseas has risen by 62% to more than 4,400. “Ninety per cent of the Malaga and Andalusian [exporting] firms are small and medium-sized enterprises,” he added.

The Malaga products that are most sold outside Spain are olive oil, fruit and vegetables, meat products, electrical equipment and textiles.

Of the 2.5 billion euros in exports, 378 million correspond to fats and oils, 324 million to fresh fruit, 217 to electrical equipment, 181 to meat products, 116 to knitted garments and 106 million to non-knitted apparel.

The main markets for Malaga's exports, according to Ruiz Espejo are in the European Union: France with 355 million euros, Italy (326 million) and Portugal (170 million euros). Germany is in fourth place, followed by the US, UK, Morocco, China, Netherlands and Japan.