Julián Muñoz back inside after footage of him dancing in a bar emerges

Julián Muñoz (r) in a file photo.
Julián Muñoz (r) in a file photo. / EFE
  • The former mayor of Marbella, who had been released from prison under electronic surveillance due to poor health, was recalled

  • He has since been given special leave to stay away from the centre until 12 February

Former mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz, who has been convicted in severa cases of corruption and embezzlement, was been taken back into custody last week after a video showed him in a pub dancing 'Sevillanas' with a certain degree of agility.

Muñoz was called back to the CIS (Social Integration Centre) that had been supervising his release under electronic surveillance, a privilege that was granted in February 2017 on the grounds of his poor health.

When he arrived at the centre in Algeciras, his electronic tag was taken from him and he was told to remain in a room at the centre until further notice.

“A judicial outrage”

His lawyer, Antonio García Cabrera, has appealed against the decision calling it a “judicial outrage”, stating that Muñoz had “not violated any [condition of his release]”.

Muñoz had been granted the “third grade” privilege which allows prisoners to leave the jail during the day to work, or carry out another approved activity, and spend the night in their cells. His poor health had led to him being allowed to live at home but controlled by an electronic tag.

Last week the website El Español published the video of Muñoz dancing with a friend at a party in the Trafalgar bar in Calahonda.

New sentence

That same week he had been handed a new sentence of six months in prison for corrupt practice and embezzlement in the Minutas II case.