Everyone behind Adrián

An archive image of Adrián Martín with his first CD.
An archive image of Adrián Martín with his first CD. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The young singer from Vélez has received international messages of support and encouragement wishing him a quick recovery

The young singer from Vélez, Adrián Martín, who turned 13 on Sunday, has been in the Hospital Materno Infantil in Malaga since 21 January, due to his water on the brain.

He underwent a third surgical intervention to replace the valves that he had in his brain for more modern ones on Wednesday (his current valves were six years old) and to help him to drain the liquid that has accumulated inside his skull.

Adrián was taken to the Malaga hospital early last week after feeling “unwell, with intense headaches and vomiting.”

After several tests, the doctors confirmed that that the catheter of one of the valves had broken, and so they operated in order to replace it. However, the surgeons were not satisfied with the result of the operation, and the following day Adrían underwent further surgery.

In this second intervention, the surgeons used an external drainage system to better control the pressure in the skull before the next operation that the boy was scheduled for.

In between his second and third operation, Adrián was taking a course of painkillers, recommended by his doctors, so that the ventricles in his brain would be as open as possible for surgery.

The news of the hospitalisation of Adrián Martín spread around the world. A huge number of people sent messages to him and his family wishing him a fast recovery.

So far, Adrían has received messages of support from the local actor Antonio Banderas; from the singers Rosario and Natalia Jiménez; likewise the president of the council, Elías Bendodo; the mayor of Vélez, Antonio Moreno Ferrer; and the presenter Don Francisco from Teletón Chile. Banderas posted on his Twitter: “Come on champion. You’re a tough guy, you’ll recover quickly! We want to see you on stage again!”

New operation

Natalia Jiménez hopes that he will recover quickly, “so that we can keep singing together and you can keep blowing me kisses like you always do! I love you a lot and I hope that you recover quickly.”

Sources from his family told SUR that they are surprised and incredibly grateful for the many displays of support and affection that he has received. “We would never have imagined that our son was so well loved around the world,” said his father, Rafael.

Adrián went viral after his sister uploaded a video of him singing ‘Qué bonito’. Since that pivotal moment nearly three years ago, his career has escalated dramatically, culminating in his nomination for a Latin Grammy award.

Regarding his current health, his family said that he was doing well, but was still suffering from frequent headaches.