Malaga, in white and pink

The almond tree flowers over the course of the last days of January and the first days of February.
The almond tree flowers over the course of the last days of January and the first days of February. / FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ
  • Almond blossom changes the local landscape at this time of year

During the last days of January and the first days of February the colours white and pink dominate the countryside of Malaga province, thanks to the flowering of the almond tree.

This tree offers a powerful contrast of colours in many parts of the province, such as the Axarquía, Valle del Guadalhorce and Sierra de las Nieves regions.

This seasonal spectacleis a good excuse to amble around the local countryside in order to enjoy its natural beauty. In fact, there are several routes that are particularly well suited for viewing almond trees in flower. Here are some of them.


Torre Zambra

A good way to get close to the almond trees or to gain an interesting perspective is to follow the hiking trail that runs from the town to Torre Zambra, an Arab watchtower that gives a panoramic view over the natural surroundings. From the vantage point one can also see the Port of Malaga on a clear day.


The top of the fortaleza de Bentomiz

From this small town in the Axarquía province there are many walks for visitors to see almond trees in flower. The old Arab fortress of Arenas affords an excellent panoramic view of both the almond trees and the local hiking paths.


Cerro Corona ascent

Olives and almonds in flower currently form a surprising contrast in the better part of the area around Totalán. Hikers can walk the circular route of the Paseo de la Salud and stop at the Mirador del Algarrobo to enjoy their surroundings. Anyone who visits the town should climb the Cerro Corona burial mound to gain a better view over the area.

An almond tree in flower.

An almond tree in flower. / F. GONZALEZ

Los Montes de Málaga


As well as its dense pine forest, the Los Montes de Málaga nature reserve has a wide range of other trees. One of them is the almond tree, which is prolific in certain areas of the park.


Junta de los Caminos-Almogía

The Camino Mozárabe, a pilgrimage route that runs from Málaga towards Santiago de Compostela, is surrounded on both sides by an abundance of almond trees.


Ciudad Jardín-Puerto de la Torre

In the foothills of the Montes de Málaga, there are several routes very near to Malaga city from which visitors can enjoy almonds in flower.

Cártama-Alhaurín de la Torre

Torrealquería circular walk

The circular route from the town of Cártama to the border of Alhaurín de la Torre offers not only several vineyards and olive groves, but also almond trees which follow the route right up until Torrealquería.


Puerto Chiribenítez

In the Sierra de las Nieves region there are several interesting routes in towns like Guaro or Monda. One of the best is the hike to the port of Chiribenítez.

Between Cártama, Almogía and Álora

Ermita de las Tres Cruces

At the edge of the town of Almogía is a path replete with almond trees. Another option is the route that runs from the Estación de Cártama to the chapel (ermita). Once there, it’s worth going for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful almond blossom.


Valle del Turón

One of the best views in Ardales is from the path that runs to El Burgo on the Turón river. From there each winter almond trees in flower and olive trees can be viewed in the foreground, with a backdrop of the Valle del Guadalteba. It’s worth walking a bit further and enjoying one of the stages of the Gran Senda de Málaga.