Animal charity appeals for volunteers and supplies

  • The Coín-based organisation provides food and bedding to local animal shelters

CHAIN, a registered charity for animals in need, is appealing for volunteers to help run its charity shop in the La Trocha Commercial Centre in Coín.

The shop is staffed purely by volunteers and is divided into three shifts per day. These are between 10am and 2pm, 2pm and 6pm, and from 6pm until 10pm.

The organisation is in need of volunteers on a permanent basis or for holiday and casual cover.

The organisation was formed in 2009 and it provides food and supplies to animal charities and shelters in the area.

Denise Walker, the charity's coordinator, said, “We desperately need volunteers to help out and we ask anyone who can offer their time to call into the shop to register.”

The public are also invited to bring donations of clothes, shoes, books, toys and bric-a-brac to the shop.

These are sold to raise capital to supply local animal shelters.

Additionally, the shop operates a scheme called 'Bin a Tin', where dog and cat food can be deposited and passed on to other charities.

Towels, blankets and old curtains are also desperately needed.

“We are short of stock and in need of bedding, towels and food to pass on to rescue centres.

We have nothing to distribute to them at the moment and it is still very cold and they are desperate,” Denise explained.

CHAIN does not have a rescue centre or the facilities to take in abandoned animals, however a list of local rescue centres is available at the shop.

More information is available from 672399320.