230 pairs of shoes from Frigiliana school go to Saharan nomads

Pupils at Enrique Ginés primary school with donated shoes.
Pupils at Enrique Ginés primary school with donated shoes. / J.A.
  • Each year Victoria and Joakim Ahlén, along with their two children and volunteers, travel to Morocco to work on different projects

For the second year running the Ahlén family, through their charity, Vilostrada Foundation, have collected shoes to take to the nomadic people living in the Sahara.

In collaboration with the Enrique Ginés primary school in Frigiliana, which the Ahlén children attend, the charity collected over 230 pairs of shoes which are travelling with them to Morocco.

Victoria and the two children, Maj and Lucas, left Frigiliana last Sunday and will be spending two months with the nomads, while Joakim will be joining them at a later date along with 20 volunteers .

“The nomads outside of Zagora will receive the shoes in the next few weeks,” explains Victoria.

While they are there, along with distributing the shoes, the Ahléns explain that they will be “on site with experts in education, documentary film making and enterprises.”

They say that their task over the two-month period is to “produce a documentary and record the story of the nomad life while at the same time starting enterprises that enable life to continue in the Sahara.”

Along with the shoes, the charity is running an ongoing fundraising campaign through social media, in order to raise money for their ongoing projects.

Any money donated to the foundation will go towards items including crochet needles and 'eco goat hair' for handcrafts, which the family sells in Europe on behalf of the artists.

They also buy school materials and pay for teachers. For further information visit: