Millions being spent to stop flooding in Las Lagunas roads

  • The new drainage system is expected to be finished by early March

The town hall in Mijas plans to double the amount it spends in 2018 on flood prevention measures for the streets of Las Lagunas.

This comes on top of a renewed effort in the last financial year to put an end to repeated flooding in this low-lying area of the municipality.

According to data obtained by SUR, the council spent 2.1 million euros on projects in the area in 2017, including work at the busy Las Islas Marianas roundabout and Calle Río Darro.

The main investment has been made in separating rainwater drains from the rest of the sewage system and installing new drains.

Often the work has been carried out at the same time as improvements to street paving, lighting and cabling for other services.

In the case of the Las Islas Marianas roundabout, near the Parque Miramar centre and the water park, the new drainage system is expected to be finished by early March.

For 2018, the budget allocated to flood prevention is some 3.5 million euros, including planned work in Camino del Abero, Calle San Juan, Avenida Los Lirios, Calle San Valentín and Calle Robles.