Guardia Civil officer caught red-handed poaching deer

A deer illegally hunted in the Antequera area.
A deer illegally hunted in the Antequera area. / SUR
  • The area, which runs alongside a train line, prohibits hunting to protect passengers

A Guardia Civil officer is facing a fine up to 600 euros and having his hunting licence revoked after being caught hunting in a prohibited area.

The area, which is both fenced off and prohibits hunting of any kind to protect passengers, runs alongside the train line in Fuente de Piedra.

Sources said the man was caught red handed as he was hunting deer in the middle of closed season.

The accused is a high-ranking Guardia Civil officer and works as part of an autonomous organisation which helps people to get their hunting or fishing licences.

He is one of several poachers found as a result of investigations carried out by the regional government around the Fuente de Piedra nature reserve since November.