Malaga Education Week highlights the city's importance as a global educator

The mayor and organiser.
The mayor and organiser. / F. A.
  • The province has always been at the forefront of teaching Spanish as a foreign language

Malaga has become a centre for intercultural exchange and language learning with the arrival of Malaga Education Week, which began on Tuesday and runs until Sunday. This innovative initiative includes three events centred around learning Spanish as a foreign language.

The week has been attended by over 500 experts in language tourism, including teachers, academics, and international educators.

Malaga has for a long time played a pioneering role in teaching Spanish to foreign visitors. It launched its first language school in 1947, and the province now has 23 centres accredited by the Cervantes Institute. The language tourism sector is very important for the local economy, having attracted 60,000 visitors in 2016 alone.