Investigation continues after two die in mass brawl between rival clans in Coín

Thirty Guardia Civil officers were deployed in the area.
Thirty Guardia Civil officers were deployed in the area. / SUR
  • Three arrests have been made in connection with the deaths of two men in the violent fight between two rival families in the Fuensanta area on Thursday last week

A mass brawl broke out on the afternoon of Thursday last week between two rival gypsy families, known as 'Los Mudos' and 'Los Franceses', in the neighbourhood of Fuensanta in Coín. Two men from 'Los Mudos', aged 63 and 50, were killed, while another two, both from separate clans, remain in hospital receiving treatment for knife wounds. They are both expected to make a full recovery.

Witnesses of the “horrific” fight say it broke out when some senior members of 'Los Mudos' began reprimanding some younger 'Franceses' for making too much noise at siesta time. Despite the seemingly trivial nature of this confrontation, minutes later a mass brawl broke out which involved over 20 people.

Witnesses saw the use of knives and bats, with some claiming to have seen guns, although these were not used. Locals say the two clans have a history of conflict with one another.

Local evangelical pastor, Bernabé Hernández, said, “The fight was meant to be trivial, one of the 'múos' [member of 'Los Mudos'] was out of line and began insulting people. He insulted one of the kids and they killed him. Things got heated, there was lots of pain and rage.” The fight left four cars and one house in the area damaged, and several refuse containers were set on fire.

After numerous 112 calls from local people, some 30 Guardia Civil officers were deployed to the area to ensure no more fights broke out.

Since then, three people have been arrested in connection with the deaths; two have been remanded in custody and denied bail and the third, a minor, was referred to the juvenile prosecution service. The Guardia Civil are continuing with their investigation and have not ruled out further arrests.

On Sunday, residents of Coín gathered to say goodbye to the two men who died during the brawl. The funeral went ahead without incident.