Date set for illegal houses to be torn down in Vélez-Málaga

  • An appeal against the decision was unsuccessful

Vélez-Málaga town hall has confirmed that two houses built on land not intended for development in the Mano Hierro area near Los Puertas, a hamlet belonging to Vélez-Málaga, will be demolished on Monday 15 January.

The decision is based on a 2012 court sentence which found the owners guilty of urban planning offences as the two houses had been built illegally and without a licence.

A final attempt was made by the owners of the houses on 29 December to stop demolition when they submitted a request for the properties be registered as Asimilado Fuera de Ordenación (AFO), which recognises illegal houses built on non-urban land as semi legal and provides them with limited rights as well as prevents them from being demolished.