Police arrest two Estepona teenagers, accused of harassing a classmate for a year

  • Investigations into the case, in which a 16-year-old boy reported continued bullying, have revealed another victim

A year of being slapped, kicked, insulted and humiliated on a daily basis led to a 16-year-old student at a secondary school in Estepona requiring psychological treatment, and to the arrest of two of his classmates.

The boy's family reported the alleged case of abuse to the police and the investigation, which began at the beginning of December, resulted in the identification of two suspects, both minors from the same school. The youths were arrested on 27 December in connection with alleged offences against moral integrity, and returned to parental custody while the inquiry continues.

In an interview with the police, in the company of his parents, the alleged victim had described how he had been hit, kicked and insulted by the two youths who humiliated him in front of the whole class. The attacks had started during the previous school year and continued in the autumn term to the point that the boy did not want to go to school and was seeing a psychologist.

The police's search for witnesses in the case not only produced reports that confirmed the boy's allegations, but also discovered a new possible victim of the pair.

A girl of the same age told the police that she had witnessed the harassment suffered by the boy and confessed, in front of her parents, that she was also being bullied.

The school confirmed to police that the education system's own protocol for cases of bullying had been activated when the situation was made known and the two adolescents have been temporarily suspended from school.