The Gran Recogida achieves its goal with over 600,000 kilos of food

A volunteer collects food in a Malaga supermarket.
A volunteer collects food in a Malaga supermarket. / Fernando González
  • Bancosol's two-day campaign in supermarkets across the province finished last Saturday with double the amount collected on Friday

The sixth edition of the Gran Recogida foodbank collections met all expectations last weekend. Over two days, the people of Malaga showed their generosity donating food products in different supermarkets all over the province. The goal was to at least equal the results of previous years' collections, and it was easily met.

Over Friday and Saturday, 600,000 kilos (600 tonnes) of food was collected. A third of the total was collected on Friday, but Saturday, as predicted by the vice-president of Bancosol and coordinator of the Gran Recogida, Joaquín Jiménez, was the most successful day. A total of 400,000 kilos of food was collected, doubling the figure from the day before. Thanks to this, the vice-president of Bancosol declared this year's campaign to be a “total success”.

This year's collection was very varied. Bancosol began a campaign recently to ask for a variety of food to be donated, and not just rice and pasta. Joaquín Jiménez confirmed that the majority of people had been aware of this, and that this year they had received a lot of baby food, a specific example given of other items needed.

“This campaign has been characterised by people's awareness,” he remarked.

In regards to which supermarkets collected the most food, as with every year, the bigger ones were more successful. Carrefour Los Patios and Carrefour Alameda came out on top in Malaga.

In addition, 2017 has seen some heart-warming stories, like that of Pablo Muñoz. He is eleven years old and from Estepona. For the last two weeks the boy has been preparing for this big event and wanting to do his bit to help. To do so, he made homemade cupcakes which he sold around his neighbourhood. With the money raised, Pablo went to his local supermarket on Saturday and bought nonperishable food items which he then donated to the Gran Recogida.

For the event, the participation of some 4,000 volunteers was needed. This year the collection introduced a new scheme of sorting all the foods donated into categories, so that they could be taken away for distribution immediately. For this task, 600 volunteers were needed. The Bancosol foodbank helps a total of 49,000 people in the province of Malaga, through a number of different charities.

tonnes of food were collected in Malaga province during this year's Gran Recogida last Friday and Saturday.

tonnes were collected on Saturday alone, double the amount collected on Friday.