Christmas lights in Mijas and Benalmádena tied up in knots

  • Both towns are suffering delays in lighting due to problems with granting the contracts for the installation

Christmas is coming a bit late to the streets of Mijas and Benalmádena this year as neither of the towns' councils has but up their festive lights yet, to the dismay of many residents.

In Mijas, the tender to install lights in the municipality's three main areas, (Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas and La Cala), went out in September but possible companies all dropped out, leaving the council no other option than to go out and buy their own lights to avoid disappointing locals.

Ruling councillors have apologised for the delay but the opposition PP group said it was “incompetence” and that the tender hadn't been taken seriously.

Meanwhile in neighbouring Benalmádena district, locals don't have any lights yet either. Here the delay is for much the same reason as in Mijas, where question marks over the company chosen by tender to put them up have delayed the process.

The company was due to start yesterday or today but no switch-on date has been announced. Local businesses have complained about the lack of “a Christmassy feel” in the town.