Unfinished building on A-7 could be Marbella's new courthouse

The eyesore next to the main road east of Marbella.
The eyesore next to the main road east of Marbella. / josele-lanza
  • The property was seized as part of Operation Malaya and the council has said it could be used to house the courts on one single site

An unfinished building near the Hospital Costa del Sol alongside the A-7, east of central Marbella, could be home to a new court complex. The town currently has its court operations spread across three separate buildings and urgently needs a new base.

The 15,000-square-metre property was never completed and was embargoed as part of the wave of corruption scandals linked to Marbella council known as Operation Malaya that came to a head a decade ago.

Juan Antonio Roca, former town planning boss, was the owner of this development, and it was one of the assets seized as part of the investigation and subsequent trial.

The property, which has become a well-known eyesore alongside the main road and has had graffiti painted over to smarten it up, is currently in the hands of the government but could be given to the town hall as part compensation for the council assets that were stripped by Roca.