The message against domestic violence travels to all corners of the province

Signs rejecting violence against women have been sent around the province.
Signs rejecting violence against women have been sent around the province. / SUR
  • Various campaigns and events have been organised to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Few people can say that they are not aware of the problem of violence suffered by women at the hands of their present or former partners, not just in Spain, but in countries across Europe and the world.

Tomorrow, Saturday 25 November, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and events have been taking place over the last few days and weeks to raise public awareness of the problem and of the responsibility of society as a whole to help eradicate it.

The Malaga provincial government has launched a campaign this year in collaboration with the Bar Association to take the message to all the towns and villages in the province.

The provincial government president, Elías Bendodo, and representatives of all the political groups got together with mayors from around the province on Wednesday, to show that the fight against domestic, or gender, violence knows no political nor geographical boundaries.

Signs to demonstrate that there is no place for violence, in the form of a no-entry traffic sign in the shape of a broken heart, have been placed in strategic positions in towns and villages around the province.

The president of the Malaga association of lawyers, Francisco Javier Lara, stressed the need to speed up the judicial system for domestic violence, saying that cases are taking a minimum of seven months to reach court.

“Women can't wait that long,” he said on Wednesday after providing a cold statistic. Last year 4,208 women were given help by duty lawyers in cases considered to be domestic violence.

This, added Rosa Galindo of the Malaga Ahora party, is only the “tip of an iceberg” of everyday situations of “rape, humiliation and all types of harassment” that women suffer.

Another issue discussed was the need for more public financing for policies and measures to combat violence in a domestic situation.

“Resources are never enough,” said Bendodo, “But we are negotiating an increase in the 2018 budget for this area,” he added referring to the Diputación provincial authority,

He provided more chilling statistics that he described as “outrageous and unacceptable”: 44 women and eight children have been murdered this year in Spain in cases of domestic violence.

Campaigns have been active at all levels this week, from town hall initiatives to central government campaigns and schools, where values of equality and respect have been delivered to children of all ages.

A march in support of the elimination of violence against women begins in the Plaza de la Constitución in central Malaga at 12pm on Saturday.