Manilva's mayor reviews his record a year after taking power in council vote

A year has gone by on Manilva's political roundabout.
A year has gone by on Manilva's political roundabout. / C.M.
  • The ruling group has highlighted lower taxes and new building work, but opposition councillors see it as a wasted twelve months

The mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, has given a favourable assessment of his first year in charge of the town.

Twelve months ago a vote of no confidence saw the PSOE Socialist party in the municipality removed and replaced with the local Compromiso Manilva (CM) party as partners in a ruling coalition that also includes Izquierda Unida (IU). Controversially, the conservative PP also joined the coalition this year.

According to mayor Jiménez, since November last year “political stability” has been achieved and the “total paralysis” of infrastructure improvement has ended, with money spent on road and streambed improvements. He also highlighted a drop in municipal taxes and increased budgets to spend

Local IU leader, Antonio Barragán, said that he felt that Jiménez, of the CM party, left the councillors alone to do their work more than the Socialist party did.

Former mayor, Socialist Diego José Jiménez, said that it had been “a wasted year” in the town and very advantageous for the councillors since, “the first measure that they took was to increase their own salaries”.