Machinery abandoned after quarry closed 17 years ago looks set to be removed

The disused machinery in the old quarry.
The disused machinery in the old quarry. / SUR
  • The owner of the items claims he has asked Nerja town hall for permission to move them a number of times

The town hall in Nerja says it is waiting for documentation from a local businessman to get permission to remove heavy machinery which has been disused since a quarry closed in 2000.

Around 30 items have been creating an eyesore around the Los Colmenarejos ravine in the Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama mountain range for 17 years despite claims by their owner, Orlando Rodríguez, a businessman from Torre del Mar, that he has requested permission to remove them from Nerja town hall on a number of occasions. He says that the value of the machinery has fallen enormously and would only be worth around 12,000 euros as scrap metal now.

Nerja's environment councillor, Jorge Bravo, said that he has “never been made aware” of Rodríguez's petitions and that the situation is “one more unpleasant surprise that we discovered when we started to govern in June 2015”.

The Los Colmenarejos ravine is situated approximately one kilometre from Maro and during the 1980s and 1990s sand and gravel were taken from the quarry for use in the construction industry.